bluefish blitz




Not really a blitz but it was nearly “all-you-could-catch” tonight. I couldn’t sleep so i went out around 3:30am Saturday night. Saw lots of big schools of baitfish in the water, more than usual, and bass in the shallows slashing around at them, but they gave me no love. I moved to a different spot and was quickly onto fish—they were hitting the surface all over the place. I lost a few before hooking up on a big one which eventually lodged itself in a piling or some rocks and got off. I hope it was a bluefish because I will be sad if it were a big bass. I moved again and got three bluefish while losing about 5 or 6 others in the process. All on bucktails with six-inch curly tails, which the bluefish wised up and eventually started biting off. I fished til I had no more lures. See Ben, this is how you catch a real fish.

PS. Register for the derby here! Otherwise I’m totally going to win.


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