all up in the family


i took my brother out tonight to the secret spot. he’s been out there before but we didn’t catch anything late last season. this time i assured him we’d catch something, but little did i know that he would catch the only “something.” actually i should have known better since he’s been gifted with the younger brother essence of If There is Only One Fish To Be Caught It Will Be Caught By Him. i should have remembered the huge barracuda we have mounted on the wall that he caught when he was 8. anyhow, i promised him a fish and he came up with this great 32″ bluefish within 10 minutes of fishing the spot. i had a few hits here and there, and had a good fish on with the crappy Andrus Jetty Caster (on which I lost 5 fish last outing) but lost it. I ended up losing two valuable lures, while my brother held this one over me. I was feeling pretty good heading into the derby, but this has my confidence shaken!


2 thoughts on “all up in the family

  1. Ben Sargent says:

    Thought we only had one of these guys to deal with…Now you tell me there are two of you who can catch more fish than anyone else on the East River!

    PS. Watch out for these punks at a bar near you…They like to fight as much as bluefish do!

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