last night and meetup this afternoon

I had to do something tonight after getting blown away by the wind the night of the derby opening. Unfortunately I also had to do something I didn’t really want to do, or wasn’t looking forward to, concerning someone I’d been hanging out with. It seems i usually have poor timing when it comes to this. It sucked as one might imagine, but mostly because she’s a really cool person and i’m a screwed up, self-destructive person. Anyhow, i was in a bad mood. I went out late night to get away from it all, around 3AM figuring I could fish the last few of the incoming and maybe sneak in a little of the outgoing tide. I had hit up our friends at Capitol Tackle in the city (W.36 between 6th and 7th) and picked up these swing-hook bucktails, which after a little bit got me this fish:
Let this picture be a reminder to you all as what not to do when submitting a derby photo. It helps if you have assistance, like someone to hold the tape measure for you while you snap the pic, or vice versa. Anyhow, this one is about 26″. It also coughed up a lot of these little dudes:
These are spearing. They must have been in its gullet and the bluefish were feasting on them. About 8 or 9 of them popped out of the fish.

I moved spots to see if i could get some bigger fish. I lost a couple before i landed this one:
Again, this is not the way to submit a derby photo. Looks like i need more practice doing this again. This one is also about 26″, so it’s probably good for eating, but not so good for winning a derby. Still a fun fight.

I lost a couple more fish toward the end of high tide, but nailed a good one near slack tide on a black bucktail. I hauled it all the against the tide and could see it finning below me, a good 33″-35″ bluefish. i was grasping at the leader then it just kind of slid off and slipped back into the water. I looked at the hook and this is what happened:
This is what happens when you use faulty gear and you hook up with a decent fish. I knew the hook was unreliable to start with, but seeing as how it was my only black bucktail i decided to try my luck anyway. I should have known better.

Anyhow, Greg came out at some ridiculous hour, like around 5AM. it was pretty quiet with only a few taps here and there. Toward the beginning of the outgoing I hooked up with this guy:
You can’t really read it in this picture, but in the full-size version it’s 32″. this is a much better way to shoot a photo for derby consideration, and remember not to put your finger in the photo like i did with another version of this one. Here’s a clean pic of the fish before we released it:
The sun was rising. It was time to leave before any trouble started.
Dawn. Nobody was out. This was pre-walk-of-shame time…

I have a fantasy hockey draft in about 3 hours. I haven’t slept yet, and I’ve done even less planning for the draft. Tomorrow (today, really… Sunday) we’re having our first meetup of the 2010 derby. We’re meeting at the end of Grand Street at 4pm, doing some fishing and hanging out (we’ll notify on the BKUAA FB page if we move to N. 5th pier or East River State Park), then it’s on to M. Shanghai on Grand Street for some delicious food, then after that it’s drinking time at The Woods (S.4th between Wythe and Kent). Ben will also be serving up his famous lobster rolls. If anyone wants to sign up in person they can do it during the meetup. If anyone signed up this past week and didn’t get their shirts/measuring tape/member cards/other gear let us know in the comments section and we’ll have it ready for you to pick up. I’ll also have more copies of that FISH BUM zine I did. See you all when i wake up.


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