sorry ben!

blurry picture of a fish i caught tonight. 30″ bass.

photo by BKUAA member Jane Borock.

tonight was a weird one. you should have come out. it was black as night at the spot tonight. there was a cop who rolled up as i was walking up and they started kicking people out as soon as i got there, mostly kids, but the cops stuck around to give some group of hipster kids tickets for open containers and trespassing. they didn’t care. they just sat around laughing and smoking cigarettes. it’s not like they would be the ones to pay the tickets anyway. but it was a pain because there was about five other fishermen not including me hanging around waiting for the cops to check IDs, write tickets, and leave so we could cross the border. they finally left and i made my move.

it was a surprisingly slow and quiet night tonight. a few soft hits here and there, but no fish jumping. current was running fast but mellow. nothing good out there for a long time. jamie showed up and left. thomas showed up and managed to not almost fall in the river. he also brought some friends and some booze, so that’s all good. we had a couple hits but nothing solid. i finally caught one during slack tide on a blue and purple bluefrog bucktail. it fought ok for a few minutes, then kind of resigned itself to fate and lay in the water like a doormat. it was 30″ which is nice to see as the fish seem to be getting a little bigger, slowly. it was not nice to see that this was the first fish i caught from the river with some shit on it. look on the tail. this is not a derby winning fish, even though i’ve taken the striped bass lead from you. there are much bigger fish in store for the fall. we just gotta get out there! send in those pics! will update the photos when i get them! right now, looking very forward to sleep. gonna miss the meetup on Sunday, but i should make the Woods.



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