tuesday night

we went out again tuesday night to try to get some bluefish for ben’s cooking show. we had a blast with mina catching her first fish of the year (a 22″ bass we didn’t get a picture of because there were cops lurking and we didn’t want to alert them with a flash) and the first fish of the night. jamie finally caught his coveted bluefish, while ben and i went about losing fish left and right. in total we landed three fish and among the four of us lost about 7 or 8 more, several of them as we were lifting them out of the water. personally i lost both of my black bucktails which i now gotta re-up on, but all in all a good night. next time we’ll get a pic of your fish, mina!

jamie shows us his first bluefish, while simultaneously displaying the most egregious way to submit a derby-qualifying photo. if you look closely he’s starting at the 33″ mark, and the tail is off the scale, haha.

and again here with his second bluefish. he couldn’t help it. he was too excited.

watch out for those teeth!

ben likes to call this pose “the fish humper.”


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