Kevin Glendhill on Catch It, Cook It, Eat It!

Ben hooked up with Kevin Glendhill of Greenpoint Tackle this week, and Kevin was nice enough to come to Ben’s radio show today. Greenpoint Tackle makes these gorgeous handmade lures: wooden swimmers with a metal lip that have a different (slower) swim pattern and a wider tail kick than the plastic swimmers like Bombers and Redfins. I’m dying to get my hands on a black scale/purple one, and maybe that Wonderbread color too. The best part about Greenpoint Tackle is that Kevin makes his lures right here in Brooklyn, only like 3 blocks away from where we regularly fish! Check out their site here, but go on sober. A few drinks deep and you might wake up to find you just spent a lot of money on some incredible fishing gear.

***Also, Kevin donated a couple lures as prizes for the derby! Holeeeee Shit! The stakes just got raised!!!
These are not necessarily the lures, but they’re like these and they’re badass.



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