East River fish study


Our new buddy Kevin Seccia, who is the older brother of one of my oldest friends Heather, pointed me to this link today about a study conducted for a hydroelectric power company concerning the fish population in the East River. The study was monitored by a guy named Jonathan Colby over two years of studying the river to ensure that turbines proposed in the hydroelectric project didn’t end up chopping up the fish swimming in the river. Duh. Sounds like a no-brainer there and easy money for Colby, but it lead to some pretty cool conclusions. Surprisingly (according to the article) there has never been a study like this before in the East River. Some of the findings:

*“There are like 1000 fish, per month, that just kind of live here during the non-migratory period. During migratory periods, you can see upwards of 10,000 fish per month traveling through these waters.”
*The research found “that [the East River] is a major channel for two annual fish migrations—a caravan of small fish in late Fall, followed by all the big fish in early Winter. ‘What it really looks like is that these small fish pick up on changes in water temperature and then they start to move, and all of a sudden the larger fish are like, ‘Damn, where did all of our food go?’ Colby said. ‘All of this is new. No one knew this about the East River.’”

Very interesting. That means the big fish are still on their way. Get out there people! There are fish to be had! [But not for me and Jamie tonight… another story, though.] Read the full East River fish study story here!



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