new leader for stripers

Congrats to Tom Pfeiffer for his 14lb 35.5″ striper caught last night on the incoming tide in Red Hook!

Remember to email with ALL of your catches! We’re giving prizes away for a lot of different categories, so you never know… you’re definitely competing for more than just the Biggest Catch!

Have fun out there, and stay warm!


p.s. here’s a shot of Tom and Ben from a Catch It, Cook It, Eat It show a few months back. listen here for the episode!


One thought on “new leader for stripers

  1. Ben Sargent says:

    So Tom is known around these parts as really great fisherman and and even better bmw motorcycle mechanic. I should know…My 1973, R65 has been running wonderfully since Tom last put his paws on it. Last night Tom had a 45″ Striper on but it bent his hook straight and the only one he took a photo of was this one. Sorry Tom…fish stories don’t win prizes! Anyway, what really cracked me up was helping Tom attach a photo to his email today to send in proof of his catch. Despite being the most meticulous note taker when he pulls your bike apart (every piece is labeled, marked with a pen and photographed) like a forensic crime scene investigation…My good friend still has trouble sending emails! Anyway, I’m not going to feel so bad the next time I need him to explain how the carb works on my bike! Nice catch Tom. You are in first place with that bass. -B

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