A Monster Fish and Wednesday Meetup!


This is our new friend Ralph with an awesome 40″ striped bass he caught tonight in Williamsburg. Ben and I rolled up about 10 minutes after he caught this monster. Before he brought out the tape measure to show us I actually had to ask him, “Are you sure this thing is only 40 inches?” The fish looked seriously bigger. I’ve seen Ralph and his friends around a few weeks ago mopping up some bluefish; in fact I think there’s a photo of them in the first couple pages of FISH BUM. Anyhow, he caught this thing on a chunk and he and his friends have been doing pretty well for themselves out there, but this one is pretty special. Ralph and his crew aren’t in the derby YET, but when they join they’re going to give y’all a run for the money for sure.

Also Wednesday night is our weekly organizers meeting at M SHANGHAI (292 Grand St.) around 7:30. Everyone is welcome to come have some great food (personally I dig the sauteed pea shoots and the sliced chicken and Chinese broccoli in case you’re wondering what to get. Also the dumplings are bomb.) and some beers, meet with the organizers, ask questions about the derby, voice any concerns, suggest improvements, talk sports, fishing, politics, and anything in between. Just no spot burning!



2 thoughts on “A Monster Fish and Wednesday Meetup!

  1. bkuaa says:

    spot burning is blowing up someone else’s spot. every fisherman has their favorite places to fish, places into which they put time and work. the last thing a guy who catches a big fish at XX spot wants is to come back the next night and see there’s 30 new people at XX spot. that said, there’s nothing wrong with giving people pointers on where to start fishing.

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