new leader!

This Jan Groz with a great 42.75″ striper he caught Thursday morning on a bunker chunk. The fish weighed in at 25.5lbs at Dream Tackle, and Jan takes the lead in the striped bass category. There’s been quite a few large stripers taken from the East River this past week. So get out there people! Things are starting to heat up!!! Jan is the guy to beat now!


3 thoughts on “new leader!

  1. Rafael Moran says:

    Hey everyone, sorry to burst this guys bubble, but if his fish counts for the derby mines is worth second place because he caught his fish, when one of his buddys suggest he should enter the derby and register the fish (which is against the rules btw). He does so but doesnt show the pictures immediatly, he shows up the next day at Dream Tackle with fish and pics and is now the new leader. NOT COOL!!!!……an investigation should be lauched… Ralph

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