mid-week meetup at M SHANGHAI, ben’s birthday and more

Ben’s birthday was this week, so we’re heading over to M SHANGHAI for our weekly organizers meeting Wednesday night around 7.30 for drinks and awesome food. Feel free to come by and buy the birthday guy a drink or two, talk fishing, the derby, any issues or suggestions are welcome. This week has been slow for me fishing-wise, so I’m looking to get some action on the water, possibly afterward depending on how many beers i have in me.

also, NOVEMBER 4 is the premier of Ben’s new series on the Cooking Network. That’s him in the picture above on the road from late this summer. We’re having a premier party for that also at M SHANGHAI and everyone is welcome! There may be some surprises in the works for the party too…. details and reminders are coming throughout the week.



One thought on “mid-week meetup at M SHANGHAI, ben’s birthday and more

  1. Ben says:

    Hey Guys,

    Yep…33 and counting! Bring any fish pics along that you might have taken over the week. I’m heading over at around 7:30 Come hungry. Also, May and Rich have been super cool about opening the back room to us for the 4th! But dress warmly!

    About HLD: I think you guys are going to enjoy the show! I take my motorbike up the coast finding fisherman willing to take me out on their boats. I follow the fish from sea to table focusing on serious seafood restaurants that work directly with the fisherman not processing plants and wholesale markets. Spread the word…airs Nov. 4th at 9pm on Cooking Channel!


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