This week’s fish

we’ve gotten some good submissions in this week from our members. there are some nice fish moving in recently, but i’m still unable to find the big ones… yet! i’ve been in the process of re-upping on most of my gear since the fish knocked my plug bag into the river. a couple dollars here, a couple dollars there and i’m unofficially back in the game. i’ll work on building up the bag over the off-season. for now, it’s all about bucktails and pork rind. check out the pics:

David Cole sent us a pic of his first bass from the East River, night fishing on the water. Check out Denton hanging out in the background. Nice fish, about 33″.

Tom Pfeiffer is fighting to get back into first place, putting in work and holding it down in Red Hook. I gotta get down there this week. Tom lost a nice bluefish before landing this 31″, 10# striper. Tom brings a scale with him; I wish I were that prepared but i’d probably just drop it in the river. This guy looks a little on the lean side, hey Tom did you gut this one before you took the picture? Haha, just joking with ya!

A couple fish I caught before that schoolie tail-whipped my bag into the river. These are about 31″ and 30″.

A bass I caught as revenge a couple nights ago in Greenpoint. I don’t know how long it is because my tape measure was in my bag when it fell in the river. It’s not that long, though. Took a black bucktail.

And of course, no fishing update is complete without a pic of Jamie with his fish. He got this one breaking in his new reel in GP. I owe him a six-pack for catching the first fish. Nice one, dude!

Don’t forget about the party we’re having at M SHANGHAI next Thursday (Nov. 4) for the premier of Ben’s TV show, “Hook, Line, and Dinner.” Check out the promo video in the post below. Be there.



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