fishing this afternoon and lobsters at night


In case you didn’t believe what I wrote in FISH BUM, here’s a NY Times article about the city’s and private developer’s plans for the waterfront, nearly 600 miles worth. This is focused on the East River, the Brooklyn and Queens side, as well as Harlem. From the lede, the theme basically runs like this: “[W]hat Jeffrey E. Levine, the developer whose company is building the Edge, sees when he looks to the north are vast swaths of undeveloped land stretching along the Brooklyn and Queens waterfront. ‘It is a great opportunity to buy land and warehouse it for development,’ said Mr. Levine, the president of Levine Builders, which operates Douglaston Development, builder of the Edge.” Is this a good thing or a bad thing? We can see what it’s done for LIC and North 5th, but just because the city lets you fish there, does it mean it’s the best spot to fish? By the way, word is someone in the derby got a ticket this week for fishing Valentino, which is open 24 hours, when it was “closed.” What do you guys think?

Well enough of that. It’s Sunday, so that can only mean two things: the weekly derby meetup and hot buttery lobster rolls at night. We’re meeting at North 5th pier at 4pm and then heading to The Woods for drinks and food afterward. Join us!


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