another nice fish


This is another one from Tom Pfeiffer who is holding it down in Red Hook. He sent us this email: It was the coldest night of the season, damn windy too. I was ready to pack it in around 1AM, when the hit came on. This 33.5″ 15lb. Striper slammed me on the outgoing tide @ Valentino’s. It seems I’m stuck in the mid 30’s”, but they taste sooo friggin good! I’m not giving up, yet. Still 2 weeks left. Look closely at Tom’s setup: cutting board, scale, gloves for handling bait and blues. I like the way this guy rolls. And he’s right; still two weeks left guys (and girls). The crazy wind has been keeping me off the water, but I’m going to have to suck it up and get out there tomorrow and for the rest of the derby. Gotta get my warm clothes together. AS gloves… and maybe that crazy skull mask Ben gave me last year. A couple of bluefish is all I have to report over the last week and a half. Gotta get back on the horse!


One thought on “another nice fish

  1. preacher says:

    are there any other pics from other fisherman??? Where is the pic of John with his 27.5 incher, the new leader??? Would love to see more pics of recent catches. There have been many over 30 inches.

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