Derby Update: Fish Disqualified Due to Confusion Over Rules

After careful deliberation, examination of the rules, and several conversations with persons related to the catching and entering of the fish, the BKUAA Executive Committee has decided to disqualify the previous leading striped bass, length 42.75″, caught by Jan Grosz. The disqualification is not on account of any intentional wrong-doing on Jan’s behalf; the method used to catch the fish was fair, and legal, but confusion over the timing of the catch and the entry of the fish in the Derby has prompted the Committee to remove the fish from the competition. This disqualification applies only to Jan’s 42.75″ striped bass, so Jan can continue to compete in the Derby. And with rumors that the really big fish are on their way from Out East, it’s very likely that larger fish will be caught in this last week of competition. So get out there and get on it.

Tight lines!

BKUAA Executive Committee


4 thoughts on “Derby Update: Fish Disqualified Due to Confusion Over Rules

  1. Ian says:

    So how about a leader board and current standings posted? I’d like to know the number to beat.

    I haven’t caught anything the past week, and the week before only a 19″ and 20″ striper, so good to hear the bigguns could be on their way!

      • fishburgler says:

        I think we may have a 36″ fish I need to confirm with the angler. will post when I have the proper submission.

        plenty of big ones left in the water though so I doubt these will stand for long.


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