an interesting position and an alternate email

Tom Pfeiffer is currently in second place in the striped bass category after Jan Grosz’s “Don’t Call It a Comeback” 44″ bass today. This is Tom’s 15lb, 32.5″ bass. Tom has been putting in work down in Red Hook and was telling us today of his troubles with his significant lady concerning his fishing:

It’s the last week and I’m tired. Tired of listening to my girlfriend’s intolerance to my fishing!! She thinks the striped bass season is over when the Derby ends. I can’t find the strength to tell her it ends December 15th, tee-hee. And in case she is checking out this website, I love you very much, Babe.

Awww… I’m sure she’ll understand, Tom. Hopefully just as well as my last girl did. She’ll just have to accept you as the striped bass fisherman that you are! Only five days left guys and girls. I’ve been working like a dog and haven’t had a chance to get out there except to booze down along the water and try to forget my troubles. But they’re out there so now is the time to buckle down and put in work on the water.

Also, we’ve heard some concerns that the email isn’t working for everyone. So if there are issues, please email pics and other concerns to my personal email at if you have any problems with the bkuaa email.

Congrats to Jan on that fish. He’s raised the level of the game, so it’s up to us to try to catch him. There are some rumors of fish caught in the upper 30s, but if you want them to count you have to submit them (with measuring tape in the pic, by the way). Don’t forget, there are prizes other than just the biggest fish of the derby, plus Ben really doesn’t want me to win the bluefish category (or any other category, for that matter).



4 thoughts on “an interesting position and an alternate email

    • bkuaa says:

      unofficially we’ve heard of a 38″ and a 36″ but they still haven’t submitted photos yet. so for now it’s Tom in second with the 35.5″, not sure what third place is yet.

      • preacher says:

        I caught a 36 inch and have sent the photos in. and Jonh (Champion from last year) caught a 37.5 inch. Photos have also been sent in. Not up on website for some reason.

  1. JD says:

    Maybe Tom’s girlfriend is complaining b/c he’s not giving her the right kind of attention, if you know what I mean. If he took care of her than she would have any reason to complain, right? I’m just sayin.

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