Feining For Bunker

Friends and family have recently expressed concern with what they perceive as an addiction – a fishing addiction. To be fair I consulted the world wide web to see if their concerns are legitimate.

Signs of Addiction:

  1. Withdrawal happens when the person does not take the substance or engage in the activity, and they experience unpleasant symptoms, which are often the opposite of the effects of the addictive behavior
  2. Difficulty cutting down or controlling the addictive behavior
  3. Social, occupational or recreational activities becoming more focused around the addiction, and important social and occupational roles being jeopardized
  4. The person becoming preoccupied with the addiction, spending a lot of time on planning, engaging in, and recovering from the addictive behavior

The conclusion: I’m an addict.

Now if someone could just hook me up with a nice stash of some fresh bunker…

– J


6 thoughts on “Feining For Bunker

  1. Bulrog says:

    crossbay bait & tackle they got a shipment yesterday around 5pm. i called china town and no bunker…..no fresh bunker any where else…..

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