more fish!

a nice 36″ striper caught by the mysterious Preacher.

A blurry photo of John Ruffino’s 37.5″ bass that he weighed and measured at Dream Tackle in Greenpoint. Both of these fish were caught on chunks. John and the Preacher’s fish are good enough for second and third place respectively. For now… hahaha. Still a few days left boys and girls. Work has been killer here for me… I won’t get out on the water until Friday or Saturday night! Everyone please spread the word about the End of Derby Party at The Woods on Sunday the 21st. Last year’s was a great time, and we’re working out the prizes for this year’s right now. Remember, there are other prizes other than just the biggest fish, so send in the pics! (also, if isn’t working for some reason send them to me at


3 thoughts on “more fish!

  1. Rafael Moran says:

    Whos the preacher? Im sure ive musta met him sometime. Nice fish John, congrats. Was out there Thursday morn, wow, caught a ridiculous cold. Dont forget to bundle up your face. 3 days left make em count, good luck. Ralph

  2. Preacher says:

    Today was my last available day for the derby so settling with that fish as my final entry. The fish was a catch and release so watch out for a small scar behind the rear dorsal fin if anyone else catches a 36 incher. I do half expect another monster fish to still come in and knock me out of the medal standings. Thanks to all of the organizers of the event, and all of the amazing people who I got to hang out with on the water. Also thanks to Dream Tackle for outfitting me so well. Congrats Jan And John for great fish. Good luck this weekend all. Gonna get Serious next year and put more than two weeks into the derby. Please let us know the dates for next year so we can put it in the calendars.

    The Preacher

    Ps. The pic of Johns fish doesnt do it justice. I was there and It was very large and had a fresh squid in its gut. Straight from the ocean. There is however lots of hilarious video footage from that night as anyone who has been to the gantry late at night can imagine. Harass John to submit it.

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