Surf Fishing in NYC vid!

Surf Fishing 2010 – NYC Edition from Peter Laurelli on Vimeo.

[Full screen is recommended!]

Peter Laurelli’s video is so awesome I may have to watch it every day until the season starts again. It has a dual-edged effect in that it’s so well done it really gets you stoked for better weather and to get back out there on the water, but the weather is such shit lately (with more snow on the way) it’s killing me that I can barely ride the bike to work let alone get out on the water. Some of the shots are just incredible to watch over and over, and knowing that it’s all self-filmed is mind blowing. He fishes some great spots on the Hudson and Long Island Sound and in the Rockaways too. Check out the part around 16:30; it’s just an amazing shot (out of many) that can only come from hundreds of hours of work. Great stuff—we may have to recruit Peter for next year’s derby.

I know that WordPress and Vimeo are bitter enemies, so in the good chance that I can’t get the video to play (until Maria or Mina fixes it) the direct link is here.

P.S. ben keeps promising me a video of the 2010 derby with the closing party, but he’s leaving to film his “Hook, Line & Dinner” series tomorrow so I have to bug him some other way.



2 thoughts on “Surf Fishing in NYC vid!

  1. ondafly says:

    the video is great Peter! thank you for making my day!I miss those cold mornings. I live in Los Angeles now, but grew up in Sheepshead Bay, fishing Jamaica Bay and Breezy Point as a kid.
    tight lines…
    Al Quattrocchi

  2. the preacher says:

    Fly Fishing Rules!!

    Just got my ten weight shipped here, oh the waiting! heroine is right!

    Anyone have specifics on his location on the hudson? He was smart about not giving away too much info on his gear. He did show some amazing examples of how to set the hook on a fly while salt water fishing. Jerking with his line hand and not raising the rod tip too much like trout fishing. Very great angler. And wonderful video.

    Should be a challenge to all of the film makers in Brooklyn who are also derby heads, I bet there is 20. Nothing compares to sunrise on the East river.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

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