anyone catch anything yet?

(i wish….)

Anyone? I’ve been getting slammed with work and having to go out of town during the weekends so I haven’t had much time (yet) to get out there on the water. I’ve heard of some places in the bay and the LI Sound that are doing very well right now, but considering the weather, it’s probably still early yet. I need to get out there! Locally, there’s a new crew of fishermen at the North 5 Pier and the India Street pier is a few short months from completion. I went to go look at it today (and also to see if there’s a way to sneak onto it). Part of me really hopes the city tears down the other pier after the India Street one is finished. It’s just too tempting and it’s way too dangerous to go out there now. Oh well, I say that now, but come next fall I’ll probably still be risking life/limb/arrest. The India Street Pier will probably become the new hot spot for late summer/fall.

I got an email from my uncle who is fishing the Indian River Inlet down in Delaware right now. From what he wrote it sounds like it’s just starting to get hot.

Hi Mike,

The striper run has started at iri , at least for me! I went down to iri on Fri. 4/29 got there around 5:30pm. I was a little early I had planned to fish the last of the incomming after dark but thought I’d check out the jetty while still light. Glad I did ! I got on the jetty the tide was ripping in creating eddie everywhere and no one out there. My first stop was the first break, a great little hole about a third of the way out. On third cast bam a hit right along the rocks. Fish on, a nice chucky 20 incher. Nice start. After a few more casts I fish my way to the end of the jetty. First cast into the rip I feel some ticks something was grabbing my storm lure but I couldn’t hook it. I thougt it must be a bunch of little blues. Next cast I the slow the retrieve way down I feel the grabs again so I stop bam hook up another plump 20 incher. The fish are out there. After several more casts and several more 20 inchers I hook up with a nicer fish, something heavier it was taking drag. I got it in close to the rocks and saw it was a keeper, it looked about 30 inches. Of course in all my excitement to get it in, I tried to lift the fish onto the jetty instead of letting the waves push the fish onto the rocks—rookie mistake—the leader snaps but the fish falls into a hole on the jetty. I could still see the fish with my storm in it’s mouth so I put my rod down reach down and grab it. I had a hold of the fish by the tail and was trying to get better hold of it when a wave hits me and the fish knocking it out of my hand. All I could do is watch helplessly as the fish swims off into inlet with storm still hanging out of its mouth. Damn! First keeper of the season gone and Im all wet.

I shake it off, tie on a new storm and keep on fishing I catch a few more small ones then on my next cast I hook up with something big. the fish rips off at least 100 yards before I can turn him. I get him in and he’s a 20 pounder. I get another one about the same size and call it a night or rather an evening, it’s only 8:00 pm.

I also fished Sat. morning 3am to day break, 6am caught a striper about 31″. not a bad start to the season!

Have you started fishing yet? Your Dad said you might go out Sat. Any luck? Let me Know.

Good fishing…

Getting restless. I have to find the time to get out on the water, even if it’s just casting practice. I have practically an entirely new plug bag now (thanks to the fish that knocked my last one into the river last fall) that I need to test in various ways. It’s going to happen this weekend at the latest. Heading to Jamaica Bay. Anyone with waders and wants to get up at 4am, let’s do it.

How is everyone else’s season going? Plugs or bait? Is there room for a debate on here concerning the two?

Don’t forget the NY license was repealed early this year. Still not convinced it’s for the best; what do you guys think?



6 thoughts on “anyone catch anything yet?

  1. Preacher says:

    Billy The Kid caught a 36 inch.
    John the champion caught a 29 inch
    And Victor caught a 28 inch all @ Gantry

  2. David Cole says:

    I rolled out to Far Rockaway the other day with some friends and we got skunked on Stripers and Blues but caught a ton of Skate. Also,
    found a place where you can rent boats for the whole day for $100. Split four ways thats a great deal.

  3. David Cole says:

    Just looking for something new. Kinds wanted to be on the beach. Plus I dont know a ton of other spots yet.

  4. bkuaa says:

    you go west instead of east and hit breezy point jetty. i still need to get that parking permit. you have waders? we could hit up jamaica bay too

    • David Cole says:

      I dont have waders yet but plan on getting some this week actually. Lets fish, im pretty much down for wherever whenever.

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