Seal spotted on the East River!

[I just noticed that the user disabled embedding the video, but check it out anyhow; it’s pretty hilarious.]

I went up to Huron after work today to check things out, seeing as how the weather had finally cleared up for a little bit. I saw Tommy over there with a bunch of other older dudes, talking shit and fishing with crabs. One of the guys got salty with me because I bumped into his car as I was walking past it, nevermind that his car had not one but both side-view mirrors duct taped on, but he chilled out after a while of bitching. Tommy told me this seal was messing with them last night, stealing the bait off the lines and tricking them into thinking they were getting hits from monster fish. “We saw the fucking seal again this morning,” he said. “He was sitting out there popping his fucking head outta the fucking water looking at us!” Crazy. I’ve seen a lot of stuff on the East River in the short time I’ve been fishing it, but never a seal. I did once see a huge sea turtle off the North 5th Pier. Tommy told me they’ve been getting some bass up that way up to the mid-30″ range.

Tomorrow I’m heading to Floyd Bennett Field to pick up the Gateway Permit so hopefully I’ll have some reports back from Breezy Point and Ft. Tilden areas. So far it’s just been casting practice for me, and getting my pencil popper technique down.


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