Chances are, you do not know their real name.
You’ve seen countless photos of their catch, but not one of their newborn baby. You cross each other’s lines, share your bunker & beer, and lend each other a 8oz. weight when it’s windy and you only have a 4. Most likely, there are months you spend more time with them then anyone else you know – yet have never seen them anywhere but the pier. Fishing buddies. Friends. People. Peers. It doesn’t matter what you call them, there the folks that are always there for you, especially when you call “Gaff”.

My first post of this new fishing season is on behalf of my peer Denton.

After months of hibernating, I saw Denton (on the pier).  He handed me his phone and asked that I find his best fishing photos to share on this blog. I looked at five pixelated photos of decked out Denton holding up some crazy big Blues and Stripers, and then saw a photo of what I can only assume is his family. I gestured for him to take his phone, and said I didn’t want to go through his personal photos. He turned his head from the river, looked straight at me and said,
“Sister, we’re all family here. Pick the photos you think are best.”

Denton, Peer



2 thoughts on “Peers

  1. Al Quattrocchi says:

    You make a great point of reaching out to the regulars that we always take for granted. Sounds like Denton is a great guy and seasoned fisherman. He’s a keeper!

  2. Preacher says:

    Jane, or anyone, What direction was the tide going when Denton caught that fish? That is assuming that he caught it this year.

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