I’m officially envious


BKUAA member Jon Capobianco sent me a couple pics of some great fish he recently caught off the Block Island coast. With the way my spring and summer have gone, including capping it by breaking my rod on my third cast last week, I was simultaneously stoked for Jon and totally jealous. He sent me this email to go along with the flicks: I’ve been out on Block Island and the fishing is so hot right now. I went out on my friend’s boat (he’s a charter guy) on July 3rd and we caught fish from the first to the last cast for 4 hours. We were on the SW ledge about 3.5 miles off Block Island and then inshore on the south side of the island. We were fishing light tackle w/braided line, throwing top water plugs in 20 – 40 feet of water, and the bass and blues were attacking! Attached are pics of a 15 lb blue and 34 lb bass that I caught that evening. You’ve got to plan a trip up there soon! Congrats on some great fish, Jon!

The dog days of summer are upon us in New York City and in less than 24 hours the heat wave will be here and that will probably spell the end of my fishing the local waters until fall or I head east, which I can only do once a week at most. I suppose I could always start working on the 2011 BKUAA Derby and in fact, I’ll start right now by saying send us your suggestions on what you’d like to see in this fall’s contest. You can either post ’em in the comments section or email them to me in case you have something particularly venomous or personal you want to settle with one of us. We’re already bouncing around a bunch of ideas for the Derby this year, but we (I) want to hear from you all. Anything you want to see changed, improved, brought back with fervor, discarded with prejudice, etc. let a man know. Personally, I’m pushing for a Weekly Big Fish Award. And also anyone caught keeping short fish will get the boot.

Related to the Derby, we’re looking for some people to help out with organizing and spreading the word, and also someone with some web and design skills. I’ll be posting this pretty regularly in the next couple months, so if you choose to ignore me now I will just keep badgering you later.

Also looking for someone (preferably a bunch of “someones”) with a bunch of money to help get this thing going. Hey, Ben… what’s up with the Cooking Channel? Have them flow you some cash and put it toward the prize money. Speaking of which, please recall how I won the bluefish category last fall, pretty much because nobody else submitted photos of bluefish, except for Ben’s 6″ snapper. Well, we could have had a cash prize for that category too, but since the only people with pics of blues were from the BKUAA organizing board, we didn’t award any money for that and pooled it all into the striper winners. The point is, don’t forget that this is a striped bass AND bluefish derby.

broken rod
The spring and summer have not been kind to me this year, but in fairness I did cover a lot more fishing ground so far than in previous years. There’s still a lot to learn about knowing the fundamentals of fishing a place like Montauk and familiarizing myself with local places in the Rockaways and Jamaica Bay that last year were accessible only by rides by benevolent friends. I guess there’s a tradeoff there—learning more and catching less until one starts to catch up with the other. I always thought it would (should) rise equally, but like using Ziploc bags as waterproofing, I was wrong about that. So, like my landlord says, whattaya gonna do? Not fish? Hell no. I’ll still be out there, provided my rod isn’t broken.



10 thoughts on “I’m officially envious

  1. David Cole says:

    Jon, way to slay it! Im super jealous…i gotta get out there and fish with you.

    Mike, Im officially offering up my design skills and other skillz you may need of mine. Happy to organize or get the word out or whatever you need. Just let me know.

    Also, Sunday meet ups are terrible for football season, can we do Saturdays? or weeknight meet-ups in the evenings?

    Totally down with the weekly big fish award.

  2. will says:

    I would like to see the durby opened up yo all of Brooklyn. After all it is Brooklyn urban anglers, not east rive urban anglers.

    • bkuaa says:

      Will, I’d like to see that, too. Unfortunately right now we’re still a really small operation; the logistics of confirming catches all over Brooklyn is an undertaking I don’t think we’re capable of doing just yet. Maybe one day we’ll be like the Martha’s Vineyard derby…

  3. Will Falzon says:

    I see interesting. I was under the imprecision that photos of the catch was enough to verify the catch? I think it would be quite easy to get Bernie’s in S.H.B. To be an official weight station for the Derby.. But for catch and release a clear photo showing a clear Brooklyn location, should be enough I would think? I would love to join and participate in the derby but in the fall I will be mostly in Jamaica bay.

    • bkuaa says:

      Fair points, Will. Thanks! We’ll talk it over; this is something I’d really like to have happen in the future. I’m just not sure we’re ready for that step this year as our organizational infrastructure and support aren’t quite where they need to be just yet. But yeah, a fair point about the photos and Bernies. One concern I have is about boat fish; we don’t have a category for boat fish yet. In a smaller area we can more tightly control, shall we say, less than honest behavior, for example, people catching fish from a boat then photographing it on the dock. Of course, we could avoid all of this if we didn’t want to promote C&R. The C&R aspect is something we want to stick with for now, but it’s not a perfect system yet.


  4. Will Falzon says:

    I am glad to hear that expanding the boundary is something your interested in for the future. Less than honest behavior will always be a problem, what stops someone from catching a fish from the surf at breezy or Jones beach bringing it back to Brooklyn to photograph? Not sure how you could police this, also not sure how not promoting C &R would help? There are a lot of logistic problems unfortunately people will cheat. Off the top of my head the only thing I can thing of is maybe have one weekend were some other Brooklyn locations are opened ? Thanks for your time tight lines always!

    Will F.

    • Preacher says:

      One way to police it would be to encourage people to use video on their phones or cameras ect. Last year basically every fish was easily controlled by the fact that it was such a small fishing area. As in, if you caught a big fish there were most likely 20 other people on one of the 3 piers to watch you catch and measure it.

      But catch and release is a gentleman’s game and to have a catch and release derby means that we must appeal to everyones sense of honor. Its not like there is a million bucks or a big boat as a prize. Winning means 30 guys and gals who all stink like bunker and/or clam are slightly jealous of you… big deal. And the giant cheque. Cheating hasn’t been a real problem in the past.

      The other fail safe is that the winners of the past derby’s are really big fish. You may catch more fish at breezy, but bigger isn’t guaranteed. There are big fish in the east river.

      Shorter derby this year. I will only be in town for one week of it. Sleepless nights that week.

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