Recapping the 2010 Derby and Planning the Next

I’m not sure why I never posted last year’s derby closing video, but I’m finally going to do it. If you were involved last year then you’ll recognize a lot of familiar faces, among them: David Cole, Jane Borock (including the awesome footage of her first fish), Geralyn Shukwit, Ben, Potter, Bruno, Denton, John Ruffino, and more if you look closely. It’s kind of a nice little sentiment as we move forward with planning this year’s derby. We still are hammering out some details, so keep your eyes peeled on the FB page and this site over the next few weeks as I’ll be announcing the dates, registration info, derby additions, any changes to the rules, and anything else you’ll need to know. For now, check out the video even though I’m posting it about eight months late.

Also, that sewage facility finally stopped dumping into the Hudson, but reports are coming in it’s still affecting beaches around the area. I read one figure that estimated 5 million gallons of it per hour was dumped into the water. It’s awful; I’d give it a few more days before hitting the water again.



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