Safety Net- Trawling Sustainably

As I was cruising through my regular design blogs one morning I came across this students design thesis.  It’s a really well thought out solution to many of the over fishing and trawling practices used by the fishing industry today.  Its particularly interesting because it retro-fits existing trawling nets so the industry doesn’t have to completely replace existing nets and practices.  Check it out!  Maybe this kid will save the future of fishing for all of us.



2 thoughts on “Safety Net- Trawling Sustainably

  1. Preacher says:

    Just fantastic!

    Thanks for finding this Mikey! For anyone who has an interest sparked by this trawler variation, and also for anyone interested in “fish”. I highly recommend the new book, “Four Fish” by Paul Greenberg. A Child of Sheepshead bay turned incredible research reporter. He outlines the history and current status of four fish Salmon, Sea bass, Cod and Tuna to bring the reader an incredible amount of understanding to the entire Fisheries industry. Even if you dont fish you will be the smartest person at the table whenever seafood is being served. It took me a total of 6 hours to read and I believe has added 2 points to my IQ.

    Read this book and this new trawler design will seem even more amazing!

    I am fishing the west coast this month. Proudly wearing my BKUAA t shirt while hunting for a giant halibut and sturgeon from California to british Columbia. No pics because I have nothing good to show.

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