New World Record Striped Bass (maybe)

new world record? holy shit!

UPDATE: maybe not, the fisherman is apparently not pursuing the IFGA record. Read the updates below for more.

There are rumors swirling that an 81.88lb, potentially-world-record breaking striper was caught this morning by a guy named Al Stromski Greg Myerson with a live eel on a boat off the Connecticut coast. No official word from IFGA yet, but On the Water magazine is reporting it as an entry in their five-month long Striper Cup. I’m trying to wade through the hearsay while I’m at work so I’ll try to keep this updated as new info comes up. Also, everyone knows boat fish don’t count, right?


Update: Just read the fish was actually caught last night, around 9-10pm, and weighed in at Jack’s Shoreline Bait and Tackle.

Update #2: Here’s another pic.

pic by Kierran Broatch

Update #3/Edit: Just found out the actual angler’s name is Greg Myerson, not Al Stromski as I reported above. According to the Field and Stream site, Myerson had a panic attack, apparently from being hounded about the fish. He’s in the ER and the fish is on ice in a cooler. This is weird. F&S article link here.

Update #4: Ok, this is even more strange, from the On the Water site: “Here’s the facts, reported to us by Connecticut-based OTW writer Kierran Broatch: This morning, Striper Cup angler Greg Myerson weighed in a striped bass that registered 81.88 pounds on the scale at Jack’s Shoreline in Westbrook, Connecticut – almost 12 hours after it had been landed Thursday evening aboard a boat in Long Island Sound. If the fish had been properly documented, it could have been eligible for the world record. However, at the moment Myerson has decided to take the fish home [and] not pursue record certification.” Maybe he didn’t want the headache that Al McReynolds had (McReynolds said in an interview years after his world record catch that if he had to do it all again, he would have cut the line).



9 thoughts on “New World Record Striped Bass (maybe)

  1. Preacher says:

    The picture is classic too. Fuel truck, the intrigued little girl and the jealous boy. While he’s sitting in the back of his truck. All are thinking that this should somehow feel differently.

  2. eric says:

    looks small to be 81. i dont trust boston fans, their teams are too willing to cheat and their fans are the most ungracious winners ever…

    • bkuaa says:

      i’ve been reading a lot of responses about how small the fish looks compared to the previous WR. then again Al McReynolds is supposedly 5’4″, and this guy Greg Myerson is like a foot taller than him. I don’t think anyone can tell conclusively just based on pictures, due to camera angles and issues [distortions?] of scale (Al’s fish + Al himself, vs. Greg’s fish + Greg himself). The fact remains that no matter how big the fish does or doesn’t look in the pics, it was weighed on a certified scale with multiple witnesses—all of which still has to be confirmed by the IFGA anyhow. To me, it looks legit, but that’s just my opinion.

      My friend’s dad said something funny about the guy being a Red Sox fan and/or a Democrat; something about if he was either then he stuffed 20# of lead in the fish’s stomach. Then again, he also once told me Chris Pronger is no good at hockey because at 6’6″, 220lb, his feet are too small and he wears a size 9 skate.

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