Good Ol’ Swimming Hole

I realize summer is rapidly coming to a close, and the long hot days are coming to an end, but I was thinking how few places there are to go swimming in the NYC area.  Often I’d fish from the pier and wish I could just dive in for a dip in the cool refreshing waters.  Alas, we all know it would be kind of gross to expose yourself to extended swims in the East River.  Sometimes I think about pre-industrialized NYC and imagine coming down to the water for a swim amongst the big sail boats coming and going out of New York harbor.

Recently I stumbled upon this concept for a public swimming pool in NYC.  Its a floating pool that is suspended in the river and takes the water directly from the river and filters it right into the pool.  It started as a concept and moved to where they were able to accomplish there funding goal.  Hopefully, sometime in the near future we all might be able to swim in the river again.  Check out the link and see for yourself.




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