Ted the Preacher lands a line class record in BC

Or, Nice Fish, Eh?

Ted the Preacher sent me an email last week about this incredible catch he made in British Columbia. He’s been up there doing work and putting in work. Can you guess what this is? This is a picture of Ted’s 130lb line class record (IFGA registration in the works): an astounding 416lb sturgeon measuring 8’6″. Yes, that’s EIGHT-AND-A-HALF FEET long. Ted has been traveling around, so it took me a few days to get the story from him. This is what he had to say:


I have been on a speaking tour in the Northwest. And had been planning on hitting up the sturgeon fishery on the Fraser River. First I tried to catch some salmon in Washington but only got dogfish sharks, about 50 of them. Then to the mighty Fraser. This system has been catch and release since the rules began applying. And the system is in great shape. There are two main seasons, the fall one beginning basically last week when the salmon start running and dying. They eat fresh salmon or the rotten dead carcasses of spawned ones. I did a lot of due diligence, found a boat and gear from a great fisherman who grew up on the river and was doing well. Got my 3 brothers who live in Western Canada to join me. We fished one day. Caught 4 fish. One 4 foot; one 7’2, 206lb; one 7ft, 200lb; and the last one was the monster, 8’6 416 lbs.

We caught 2 on pike minnows that we caught in the morning. and two on fresh salmon heads. Using stiff 9ft heavy rods, Shimano TLD 20-25 reels, 130 lb Suffix braid line with an 80 pound mono leader. Slider sinker, 20 ounce!. And a size 10 barbless hook. Just like chunking for stripers. The fight for the 7-footers lasted 30 minutes and the 8’6 footer lasted 75 minutes. They fight like crazy, taking insane runs. For the 3 larger fish we brought them along side the boat, measured them and take pics. Then take them to a beach by just driving down stream and continuing the fight with the rod and hook. Jump out of the boat and take pics. Which is why I am in my underwear for the pics.

Important to note, that boaters on the Hudson river used to be warned about the dangers of the huge sturgeons that were so numerous they actually caused damage to many boats. There are no sturgeons in the Hudson any longer. But anyone in Vancouver could hit this amazing fishery.

On the IGFA website, the records are big fish: 200-400 pounds for all of the line classes, but for some reason the 130 lb line class record is 116 pounds. This fish is currently being registered. Will let you know.

I will send more pics as soon as I can get them off of my camera.

The Preacher

Ted also sent me a few pics of himself and his brothers with a couple other fish. The smaller ones. You know, the ones that were only seven feet long.
Ted with his brothers. Nice pink shorts.

Ted with the 206lber

A rightfully triumphant Ted representing Brooklyn! “I am very proud to be a Brooklyn urban angler, and I think that we all can show the world that we are world class fisher people. We would all make a great team for competitions anywhere in the world.”

Another angle of the big fish. These things are so crazily prehistoric looking. The world record white sturgeon was estimated to be nearly 100 years old!

Great fish and a great story, Ted. I can’t tell ya how proud we are of you back here where we still measure our fish in inches. The derby is only five weeks away and Ted’s coming in hot. I better start finding some secret fishing grounds or something before he gets back to New York. Congrats again, Ted. This is your year.



3 thoughts on “Ted the Preacher lands a line class record in BC

  1. t.tails says:

    Great job preach. any secrets/tips?
    pink underwear? Do fish dig the gay look?
    Keep us updated on the iGFA proceedings. I read that it could take a year to finalize.
    Did you use your typical (pier hogging) 15 rod set up?

  2. Preacher says:

    In response to Ttails…
    Thank you…
    Most important tip for success.
    1) Teach other people to fish. Or work to help others succeed in fishing. like everything else, Karma Works Kids. Why do John (the champion), Jan (the other champion) and Denton catch large fish?? Fresh bunker? maybe, and maybe because they help newbies and give away lots of Bunker every single day. (These 3 men helped a fly fisherman like me to chunk bait, which is how I caught these fish and an 86 lb bluntnose stingray this year.)
    2) Also Dont bring too much beer on a fishing trip. My older brother knew to limit the availability. We would have “retired to the can” after the two 7 footers, but we ran out. Very important or it would have been much more difficult to reel in the really large fish that we found at the end of the day.

    I wear pink underwear as it reminds me of the mix of the red and white elements (Secret to Yogic enlightenment). Pink underwear is also a shout out to one of my fav Wes Anderson movies. note that I am on a trip with my brothers??? and…look at the fish,,, I’d say they like it just fine.

    Will let you know if anything happens with IGFA. Just getting it registered is a headache so far.

    No 15 rod set up… Most I ever used on a pier was 4 but that is when I have the place to myself. The fraser river has very strict rules. Barbless hooks only, no live bait, and 1 rod per angler. A good reason to bring 3 brothers who hadn’t had much prior interest in fishing. But I will be out in full force for the derby. 2 rods max… unless I have 3.

    BKUAA is the shit. Next year lets win the striper cup!

    Long Live the Left Hand, Left Hand, Left Hand!!!

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