New fishing spot!

I’m linking this from BKUAA buddy Jason Puris’s site (The Fin): part of the Brooklyn Bridge park has opened up for fishing. Last year Jason was getting busted by park rangers for fishing the same area and I had some schemes for stealth missions (which I’m not scrapping yet because I don’t know the fishing area yet—and I think I see some pretty good spots down there), but it looks like this year will be a little easier to wet a line in the park. Night time may still be your friend for other spots though.

Sorry for the shitty pic. I’m in between apartments and gotta borrow time on other people’s computers right now. Don’t forget, derby registration is open. Click the page to the right for more info.



2 thoughts on “New fishing spot!

  1. Preacher says:

    only saying this once. I have guerrilla fished in this area and I found a Spring time honey hole…
    We Will see what the fall brings for this (strategic military zone designed for mass evacuation of manhattan disguised as a) park.

  2. Matt Mikolajczyk says:

    i fish down here all the time me and a few people might have one of are own stealth mission considering the “designated” fishing area is very close to the building itself one brooklyn we might venture a little further then the fence will let us and into a prime fishing are at the end of the pier. fyi all cleaning people and as far as i know park police leave at about 11 pm so from then on its just renta-cops that drive around every once and a while

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