fishing trip!

come sail away

Ok, I know I’ve been saying this is going to happen for a while now, but our friend Thomas has put in a few calls to some influential fishermen and powerful politicians and organized a trip aboard the Marilyn Jean IV on Saturday, September 17. This is open to everyone: derby members, BKUAA members, non-members, interested parties, friends of friends, and family members. The Marilyn Jean IV is a party boat so you won’t need to bring any gear; the boat will provide it all. It is BYOB and F(ood). This will be a nighttime excursion, which will hopefully mean better fishing. The cost is $60/person for 4-5 hours of fishing, but if we get enough people we can probably get a group rate. Or, and this would be pretty awesome, if we had enough committed people we could charter the boat ourselves. The MJ IV sails out of Sheepshead Bay and you can get to it by MTA (B and Q trains to Sheepshead Bay stop; it’s close to the station) and we can try to organize some carpool action.

Picture yourself on the high seas, drinking beers and pulling in fish on fishing gear that is not your own. The mate baits your hook. The mate untangles your line. The mate frees your frequent snags. The mate reties the rig. The mate unhooks your fish and tells you how badass you are for catching that huge bastard. At the end of the night you tip the mate for busting his/her ass for you. In the meantime, we booze it up, meet other BKUAA members face-to-face, have some laughs, try to push Ben overboard, make fun of my propensity toward sea sickness (I’m a SURF FISHERMAN, ok?).

This is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time, derby notwithstanding. We like to think of this as an informal get together (is that one word or two?) of people on our FB and who follow the blog. I think it would be pretty cool for us to meet in person, especially with the derby starting in a few weeks. We can talk fishing, East River and otherwise, sports, music, drugs, work, how this is not a hipster fishing derby, any kind of bullshit except politics as that usually drains the fun out of conversation. And this trip is all about having a good time.

If you can make it, shoot me an email or leave a comment so I can start putting together a head count, and then it will be, as they say, on. Hope you guys (and girls) can make it.



9 thoughts on “fishing trip!

  1. Moi says:

    Damn it! I really really wish I lived in NY! I would totally be there otherwise! Hopefully this is a success and you can do it again next year. Take lots of pictures and post away!

    Man, this sounds like a blast too! Damn you MN!

  2. Preacher says:

    What time do we leave the dock. If we are not allowed to talk about politics, is it ok to talk about conspiracies?

    Anyone want to chip in for a tuna day out of montauk? $1000 split up plus tip?

  3. the preacher says:

    probably around 6. I think 4 is good, as the cost is reasonable and there is a good chance that all will fight a fish. There are probably tuna boats that fit more. There is one party boat out of sheepshead that goes to the hudson canyon, way offshore “the Explorer”. But the phone number doesnt seem to work. He may have stopped going with the rising fuel prices.

    Just to put it out there. I am planning a PEI trophy bluefin trip for next summer. Anyone interested in splitting those costs? that will be something to look forward to once the derby is over.

    Derbies coming… I can taste it. I am watching that video that you posted a few months ago, with the fly fisherman. The music should be the soundtrack for the derby.

    Its in the air John the champion has already started acting like a competitor and not like my good friend. All bets are off when the derby starts. The piers are dangerous places. Best friends snag lines and steal bells. Then the derby is over and everyone loves each other. Outside of derby season, these guys will die for you. but during derby weeks… dont step on anyones toes

  4. Preacher says:

    I am fairly open but the closer the derby comes, the less likely that I can go. I am planning on sherking my duties as a dad a bit in order to get enough days in on the East river. May need to wait until next year.

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