Tonight!!! I’m on a BOAT!!!

All right fisher peeps, we are ready to set sail tonight for some drinking some fishing and some bullshitt’n.  Below are the directions to the Marilyn Jean IV.  Don’t forget to bring all the booze you can hold and some cash for tipp’n the mates.  Also, I would recommend dressing warm cuz I’m pretty sure its guna be breezy and probably a lil chilly.  See yall there.


Directions to Marilyn Jean IV Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn NY

Our homeport is on the famous Pier 6 in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn, NY.  Fishing and cruising trips will depart from here.

Please click on the map for more detail.

We can also accommodate special boarding at various locations throughout New York or New Jersey. Click here to contact us for more information on special boarding.

We are located at 2200 Emmons Ave.Brooklyn, NY 11235

Walking: View the neighborhood map.
Subway: Take the B or Q train towards Brighton Beach. Get off at Sheepshead Bay station.
Bus: B4
Driving: Type in your location/zipcode in the ‘From’ box and click ‘Get Directions’
From: To:


Flushing, Queens, NY
19.0 mi (about 29 mins)
1. Head south on Prince St toward Linneaus Pl 0.2 mi
2. Turn right onto Northern Blvd 0.3 mi
3. Take the ramp to Kennedy Airport 0.5 mi
4. Merge onto I-678 S 6.5 mi
5. Take exit 1W toward Verrazano Bridge 0.4 mi
6. Slight right onto N Conduit Ave 0.1 mi
7. Take the Belt Pkwy W ramp on the left to Verrazano Bridge 0.1 mi
8. Merge onto Belt Pkwy 9.6 mi
9. Take exit 9 toward Knapp St/Sheepshead Bay 0.1 mi
10. Merge onto Shore Pkwy W 0.8 mi
11. Turn left onto Bedford Ave 0.1 mi
12. Turn right onto Emmons Ave

Destination will be on the right
0.1 mi
2235 Emmons Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235

5 thoughts on “Tonight!!! I’m on a BOAT!!!

  1. Ian says:

    Wish I could drop some lines and beers with you boys tonight. Alas, this angler is solo parenting this week. The only thing I’m reeling in is dirty diapers 🙂

  2. Preacher says:

    not solo parenting, but suck up parenting… meaning be as overly helpful at home right now so that I get kicked out of the house enough nights to put a strong effort into derby glory.

    do it up kids,. I wanna see pics of more than just laughing drunk scensters with hooks stuck in their fingers. I wanna see a monster blue fish with a butterfly jig sticking out of its mouth. maybe a few pics of scensters.

  3. Preacher says:

    3 pm on sunday and no updates. 3 options
    1) waterproof camera case was not all it was cracked up to be. All pictures lost
    2) they caught so many that it is taking a really long time to upload the pics
    3) they caught nothing and really dont want to show us.

    Somebody must have caught a porgy???

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