more prizes on the horizon

One week til the derby opens. I’m stuck in Philadelphia right now, not fishing, not doing recon, not tying new leaders. I just moved and I have half of my gear at my new place and four rods still at work. Some reels need to be re-spooled but I haven’t had time. I’m starting to feel the stress now.

The good news is that we’re still getting prizes and sponsors. Thomas made some calls to his private circle of powerful politicians and influential artists and came back with a FULL-DAY skiff rental from Keone’s Bait and Tackle down by the Marine Park Bridge. The prize package includes bait, filet knife, PFD, and gasoline. This is a 18-foot, 4-person boat and it’s a $110 value. It’s all kinds of awesome.

Like I mentioned earlier this week, Kevin Gledhill is donating some of his great, handmade lures from Greenpoint Tackle, made right here in Brooklyn. I haven’t picked them up (will do on Monday) yet due to work, but I own several of his 1.5oz Sharp-eye Swimmers and they’re all fish-catchers. They’re high-quality surf lures made from Alaskan Yellow Cedar and fully rigged with Wolverine split rings and VMC hooks. Yeah! I say hell yeah!

Acme Smoked Fish came through with a $50 gift certificate to their smoking-hot smoked fish Fridays. Yes, you, the consumer can go directly to the Acme Fish HQ on Fridays and acquire all the smoked delicious fish you can get for fifty bucks and everyone will want to be your best friend until it’s gone. If you’re not lucky enough to win this prize, then have no fear, because Acme is also donating smoked fish for the opening night party at Dream Tackle on September 30. Don’t miss out on some good grub.

We also have something in the works for the fly fishermen out there. More details on that soon. We’ll also have a fishing map up in the next couple days. Thanks to Dave Cole for working on that one. Keep an eye out!



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