Fishing with Denton

Last night’s weather brought all kinds of energy to the pier, felt just like a summer night with an amazing sunset to follow. Don, Teddy, Eddie, Flaco, José, Pedro and of course, Denton were holding court at the end of the pier. It was a beautiful night and I left them after their big catch of the little ugly.

It should have been a sign to how the night would develop. When I rode back around 10pm, Denton was just rolling his rope up after helping a woman out of the water. Her and her boyfriend thought it would be a great idea to jump from the two piers to each other. So fun! Must remember to do that… anyways, their knowledge of the East River was nil, “I didn’t know there was a current” So after their stupidity, on came the NYPD and FDNY to make their own. See stupid #2 left all his clothes on the other side of the fence to the ferry so he jumped over to get dressed, immediately followed by two undercovers who handcuffed him but then couldn’t figure out how to get back over the fence. oops. The lock cutters didn’t work, so with a big smile on his face Fireman Sparky came to the rescue. I, of course, photographing away while two female coppers were yelling in my face that they’ll arrest me too if I keep taking photos. Really? So the fun was over, they cut the fence apart, walked Stupid #2 through the crowd, got in their cars and left… all of the NYPD and (most) of the FDNY with the fence wide open. “Not our problem…”, said the man in Blue. uh, ok. I say most of the FDNY because as they came roaring up onto the grass to make their presence, they didn’t think about how the grass was wet, or their truck weighed a few tons, and how it might sink into the landscape. So they stood around waiting for a tow-out, wheels 10″ into the ground, hoping they don’t get an actual serious call. And hey, thanks to whomever hung the poster at the Ferry pier, two FDNY dudes are interested in joining the Derby!

— fishtographer g


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