two more days!

Well it’s been almost a month of couch surfing and sans Internet but I’m finally mostly moved into my new place. I retrieved my rods from work, which was kind of stupid now that I think about it since work is about a block from the river. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait until this damn derby starts so that I might actually have time to go fishing. The North 5th crew has been holding it down despite all the worry about the ferry’s interference and I’ve seen pics from them with some legit 40″ fish already this year. I also happen to know Red Hook Robbie and his friends have some secret spots down by the south end boundary. They are going to be formidable competitors. The above picture was sent to me from Scott Behr, who fishes Greenpoint, aboard the Marilyn Jean IV (the same boat we fished the weekend before) with this 43″ bass he hauled in on his 40th birthday. Nice catch!

The derby is coming together and we’re tying up some loose ends. I just realized I didn’t order the buttons for the daily winners, so I’ll have to keep a running tab on that and hit you future winners back when I actually draw the thing and send it off to the printer by the weekend. Sorry, shit has been hectic. Ben is on his way back though from running from moose and grizzly bears and will hopefully take some pressure off the rest of us working hard at BKUAA HQ. Special thanks to our sponsors (be sure to check our sponsor page!), and the BKUAA crew who’ve helped out so far: Dave Cole, Jamie Potter, Jane Borock, Geralyn Shukwit, Mina Cheong, Maria Haddad, Thomas Genoski, and Barbara and Robert. Oh yeah, Ben should be in there somewhere too.

Don’t forget: the derby opening party is at Dream Tackle (673 Manhattan Ave.) this Friday, September 30 from 7-9pm. We’ll have beers and a ton of smoked fish donated by Rich at Acme Smoked Fish. Seriously, I have 2 whole smoked salmon filets, 2 whole peppered smoked bluefish filets, and a bunch of smoked whitefish dip sitting in my refrigerator right now. I’m only admitting to this and putting it on paper to keep myself honest because god knows it’s calling me at this late hour. If I had a camera other than this crappy iPhone one I’d take a delicious photo for you all, but you know the story by heart why I can’t do that. You’ll just have to show up early Friday to see it for yourself.



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