derby open!

Well, the derby’s open. We had a pretty good night at Dream with lots of beer and smoked fish. Special thanks to everyone who showed up to register and meet us, Barbara and Robert at Dream, and everyone who helped out to make it happen.

The rain has started but there were some fish to be had for those who braved the elements last night and early this morning.

John Majer’s 34″ bass

Victor Acosta with a 30″ bass

David Fehling’s 22″ bass

The weather sucks and it’s supposed to be like this for the next few days. The fish are still out there though, they don’t seem to care much about the rain, at least not as much as us, but some of us are sissies. I’ll be out there tonight, somewhere… after I make these pins for the daily fish winners.

Also check out our fishing map to help you get started. It can be accessed by clicking the “2011 Derby” header and if you still need to register you can access that from the same drop-down menu.

See yous out on the water.



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