fish pics

Hey derby members. Don’t forget to give your name either in the submission text/email or in the photo comments so we know who caught what. EDIT: to whomever caught the bluefish this morning, please email me the original photo ( Thanks!

quiz: what kind of fish is this?


6 thoughts on “fish pics

  1. geralyns says:

    Is this fish new to the river?

    “What did you call that fish you caught last night?…”
    “What’s a Ling?”
    “Have you ever heard of a Ling?”
    “Hey Flaco – how do you say L – I – N – G ?”

    with every new line tossed in the water, the questions started up again.

  2. Preacher says:

    Yes looks like a spotted hake. There was no prominent dorsal with its own trailing tail. And the spots are quite distinct. So is a spotted hake ever referred to as a “ling”. Obed should also be a winner.

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