Mystery Man Revealed!

OK, so Preacher finally came clean and admitted it was him who was sending us all those anonymous fish photos this morning. His 34″ bluefish takes the lead in that category and about matches my biggest blue from last year. So, for now, it’s the biggest blue. I know we didn’t say it at the Derby opening, but please try to give us your name when submitting photos just so we know who caught what.

I saw the guys on N.5th this afternoon while I was taking lunch from work and quickly saw evidence of fishy-ness. A yellow rope in the water can only mean one thing this time of year. Well, maybe two things after Geralyn’s story of some dumbass hipsters trying to swim the East River. The guys on N.5th were holding it down for some blonde girl from Florida, who remarked upon seeing Denton’s 30.875 (he insisted on the 7/8s, but every inch, and fraction thereof, counts), “I’ve caught bigger fish than that.” Hopefully she’ll join up.

denton's 30.875" bass

Mark Arvan, who won Monday’s fish pin for biggest bass, at a puny 24″ (haha, I kid about the modifier, Mark—only because I’ve seen pics of you with much bigger fish), had a nice 33.5″ bass on the other rope.

Mark Arvan's 33.5" bass

Nice fish, boys. I just got back from the gym and am getting geared up to do a little night fishing around town. Will report back later. Probably without photos, because, well, you know.



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