more prizes and this week’s weekly prize

You might ask yourself, “Who is this guy?” Well, the answer is this is Kevin Gledhill of Greenpoint Tackle, one of our generous sponsors. And what Kevin is holding in his hand are this week’s Weekly Derby Prize: one Greenpoint Tackle Pencil Popper. These are real lures for real men, well, for real fisher-people. Sorry I had to modify a line from Fishing With John (“These are real men doing real things”). Kevin’s lures are made from Alaskan Yellow Cedar, and he makes and paints each one himself in, surprisingly enough, Greenpoint, Brooklyn. These are through-wired, fitted with Wolverine split rings and VMC hooks: all of which are regarded as “the shit” when it comes to surf plugs.

This week’s challenge is the biggest striped bass. Right now John Majer is in the lead. Next week we will have another challenge. The winner of this week’s challenge will obtain one of these awesome lures.

Here’s another shot of Kevin’s studio, where he’s letting some of those Sharp-Eyed Swimmers dry after an initial paint job. I personally own several of these and would buy a few more without hesitation. Thanks Kevin!

We also have a couple more prizes to announce: Urban Angler gave us an awesome prize for the first place winner of the fly fishing division: a $500 gift certificate. And Mulholland’s sports bar in Williamsburg came through with a great prize for us drunks: a $100 gift certificate. Get ready to get wasted while watching sports at the best sports bar in the ‘hood (ok well it might be the only one in Williamsburg, but it’s still damn good—ask Dave Cole). This prize category is yet to be determined, but if it doesn’t wet your whistle, then I don’t know what’s wrong with you. A big thanks to all our sponsors for hooking it up.



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