daily fish pin winners

Mark Arvan wins the daily striper pin (10/5) for his 33.5″ bass and Preacher wins the bluefish for 10/5 with his 34″ bass. Ricky wins for biggest blue 10/6 with his 36″ bluefish. Pins should be in tomorrow (I hope).

Rick's 36" blue



One thought on “daily fish pin winners

  1. Preacher says:

    Let me be the first to say congrats to Ricky. Reports from all over ny said not many blues but the ones that are around are huge. 36 inches is huge!!! I am sure that we wlll see more big blues. but to top 36 inches…

    Take it from ricky, or anyone who has caught a monster.. you gotta live on the water. it takes time, more than fresh bait and sharp hooks

    love the bk derby!!!!

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