monday 10/10

See I told you guys I could catch a fish...

I finally got a hold of the printer for the derby pins and he’s expediting shipping for me (for a price), so expect those in Thursday or Friday. I’ve been keeping track of the entries and it looks like Denton gets one for the 35″ bluefish he caught yesterday (10/9) and Sean Francis gets one for his 32″ bass caught the same day. Also, I talked to some of you on the pier tonight and there were some questions about submitting photos and how to view them. All derby entries need to be emailed or texted via phone to the address All submitted photos will then be hosted at our derby feed here, which is also linked to our Flickr account (all pics will post here too). You can get to either of these feeds by clicking the links in our Twitter feed in the top right-hand corner, or clicking a photo in our Flickr feed in the sidebar. Any other questions, concerns, comments, let a man know. Thanks!



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