(Wedding) Bells Were Ringing

Whether you get your fishing reports from this site or prefer to just look at the photos on http://pikchur.com/people/BKDerby, most of you know that this past Saturday was a fun day filled with non-stop, catches. Overall the fish were small and many were returned to the river without having even been measured – but catching is fun. When we rubberbanned our poles and said our goodbyes at about 3am, most agreed that Sunday would be spent catching up on sleep, friends, or even laundry. That said, come Sunday afternoon, we all were right back on the pier. Everyone mentioned that the nice weather was what brought them back out, but I’m convinces we’re all just hooked.

There’s always an element of surprise on the pier and Sunday proved this true as us fisherfolk ended up spending the day together at a wedding. Just imagine a pier filled with fisherpeople, should to shoulder, casting, fish guts flying and suddenly being approached by a woman with clean fingernails who asks you to move to the very front of the pier. I asked if this was legal, and if NYC was now renting piers. The answer – yes. They had run of the pier from the “garbage can down”. But to fisherpeople, that is the pier – that’s where the big fish are. We were told the ceremony would be short, and being that we’re such patient people, we moved our gear and waited. So just imagine, the end of the pier filled with people looking all shiny and polished, and us all piled together like sardines. We watched the nuptials, a few of us quietly dropped a line. Overall it was a nice time. The ceremony was indeed short and to my personal delight, just as the couple exchanged vows, my bell went off. Most likely the front of the pier assumed they were hearing wedding bells, but romance comes in all forms, and for me it was a snapper.

Next time there’s a wedding on the pier, let’s just hope it’s catered.

4 thoughts on “(Wedding) Bells Were Ringing

  1. Jane says:

    ML: Loads of striper minnows. Just kept tossing them back as quickly as possible because there were quite a few folks who wanted to use them as bait – or eat em.

  2. Jane says:

    Mike M: It all happened so quickly – suddenly there was a woman (in charge?) asking us to move and when I asked if she had permission – she said yes and was truly decent about it. There really was not set up, no major hoopla. I’m a staunch supporter of public space being available for public use and would normally be the first to ask to see the paperwork. And while I know that this is not something to make exceptions about – sometimes you just want to cut people some slack. After all, they were there because they love the pier and water – just like us.

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