Measuring Fish

I’ve heard from some guys on the piers that there is some confusion over how to measure your fish for the derby. One school places the measuring tape along the flank of the fish, while another school of thought measures from the ground alongside the fish. For example:

along the flank


alongside the fish

To clarify: the PREFERRED method for measuring the fish is from tip to tail (not the fork), with the measuring tape alongside the fish, as in the second picture. I know we didn’t say this outright from the start of the derby and nobody will suffer a penalty, but the second image is the preferred way to submit derby fish. The only issue I have with that second photo is the measuring tape is hard to read, so please do your best to make certain the measurements are clear.

The weather is cooling off again, which, to me, says better fishing is coming. It’s been a week and a half, with a lot of great fish so far, but the best is still ahead of us. I checked back with the printer and the pins should arrive tomorrow so I’ll be looking for the daily winners so far. In the meantime I’m making a “Daily Winners” page that will be under the 2011 Derby header in the navigation bar at the top of the page.



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