More prizes and biggest ling contest!

Now that’s how you take a derby submission pic. Good job, Scott. Scott is also one of the founders of Total Metal Resources in Greenpoint. It’s a custom metalwork shop and his company has generously donated this super cool card-holder belt buckle for one of the grand prizes.

They also did a nice little write-up for us on their blog. Check that here. Thanks guys! This prize will go to the biggest overall fish.

Speaking of big fish, last week’s “Biggest bluefish” contest resulted in a tie. Preacher and Denton both submitted bluefish at 32″ and while Denton’s was crackhead skinny, overall length counts. So now I will have to figure out the prize for this split decision. It comes at a good time, too, as it seems like the bigger bass are starting to move in. Good work, guys. I will get you back with some goods very soon.

This week, for a little bit of fun we’re looking for the biggest LING. Yup, ling. I know Barbara over at Dream is excited about this one. Since I’m late, this contest will run until next 11:59pm, Tuesday, October 25. The next weekly contest will start as usual on Monday 12AM. Good fishing, guys and girls. If anyone has any questions or comments, let a man know.



5 thoughts on “More prizes and biggest ling contest!

  1. Preacher says:

    Guy caught a 14 inch fat ling on monday night. He was a chef and he kept it. Usually he deep fries them.

    To tie with Denton is an honor.

    Any extra points for getting fish back in the water still kicking ?

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