closing party!

photo by G

Well I did not get black out drunk this time around, but I did get pretty drunk nonetheless. Thanks to everyone who came out and congrats to all the winners. A big special thanks goes out to all our sponsors:

Dream Fishing Tackle
The Woods
Acme Smoked Fish
Roberta’s Pizza
Brooklyn Kitchen and The Meat Hook
Red Hook Lobster Pound
Greenpoint Tackle
Total Metal Resources (Scott Behr)
Van Leeuwen Ice Cream
Keone and Mr. Bait
Rabbit Hole
Manhattan Inn
Five Leaves Restaurant

List of Winners
First Fish caught of the 2011 derby—John Majer, 25% off a rod at Dream
Most dedicated—Scott Behr, Rabbit Hole dinner for 2.
Hackle Head Award-Barbara Piskorska
Teacher Award—Denton, 80lb, 300yard Power Pro
Most respectful of catch and release—Jane Baitrunner, 20% off a reel at Dream
Most Exciting Catch—Don, Mulholland’s Sports bar 100$ gift card
Biggest trash talker—Tadek, 20% off a reel at Dream
Most competitive—Scott Behr, 25% off a rod at Dream
Smallest Fish Award—Preacher, mini rod & reel
Unluckiest Fishing Couple—Michael & Linda Michajlo, 4 free items from Van Leeuwen artisan ice cream
Drunkest in Action—Dave Cole, Cajun Line, headlamp, scaler, lipper
Missing in Action Award—Mark Arvan, 20% off a reel at Dream
Lunch Break Catch—Jan Gorz, 25% off a rod at Dream
Take a load off/Have a Seat Award—Gabriel Perez, Dream’s fishing stool
Best Promoter—John Ruffino, gift certificate to Shelsky’s Smoked Fish
Best Fishing Boy Scouts—Victor Acosta & Ramon Potter, Red Hook Lobster Pound Dinner for 2.
Best Dressed—Robert Piskorsk, Five Leaves 100$ gift card
Most Daily/Weekly Pins—Preacher, 20% off a reel from Dream
Rookie of the Year—Scott Behr, furnished tackle box from Dream.
Most tangled line award—Jane, Shimano Pliers
Late Night Fly Fisherman—Shane Smith, 20% OFF REEL

Biggest Fish
Striped Bass
1st place—Damar Douglas, $500, Shimano Baitrunner 8000 & handmade belt buckle from Total Metal Resources (41 inches)
2nd place—Yan Gorz, Penn 650 ssm reel (39 inches)
3rd place—Denton Morrison, Penn Battle 6000 (37 1/2 inches)
4th place—Don, Fishing reel from Dream (37 inches)

1st place—Ricky, Tsunami 11′ Trophy Series rod (36 inches)
2nd place—Denton Morrison, waders from Dream (35.5 inches)
3rd place—John Ruffino, Shimano Stradic 6000 (34 inches)
3rd place-Preacher, St. Croix Triumph 10′ (34 inches)

Fly Fish Division
1st place—Shane Smith, $250 gift card from Urban Angler (21 inches)
1st place—Preacher, $250 gift card from Urban Angler (21 inches)


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