fishing the LA River

I was messing around in YouTube just now looking up weird fishing videos and found the one above. In a special case of synchronicity, as soon as I started watching the video, this song “Expectations” by Belle and Sebastian started playing in the background, and I thought, “OK, what kind of hipster films some old crackhead fishing the LA River with Belle and Sebastian as the soundtrack?” This feeling was reinforced as the fish unhooked itself and started to flop back in the water and the old guy yells at the camera man to grab the fish, to which the cameraman responds, “I’m not going to grab that thing, what do I look like?” And I was so ready to filet the guy and say, “You look like a total fucking nancy who’s too scared to pick up a fish and uses Belle and Sebastian as the soundtrack to film crazy guys fishing the LA River.” Well, I was only half right, because I soon realized that music was coming from my own computer, and I was that hipster asshole. Totally busted. I’ll still grab a fish, though. Looks like a good spot for some more Fish Bum stories, if I can ever finish issue #2.

Anyhow, the whole reason I was on (at?) YouTube was to look at this video that my friend sent to me a while ago.

This is pretty crazy. I have to meet a guy like this somehow. Look at the shopping cart moored by the pillar. It’s probably full of lucky rocks.

—hipster asshole, mkl


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