some reading material for y’all

New issue of Zeno Hromin’s Surfcaster’s Journal is up. Check it out here. Also, I picked up Paul Greenberg’s Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food from the bookstore yesterday. It’s a “food” book, akin to Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemna, but specifically about the history and future of fish as food. There’s a great quote in the beginning of the book from some fish monger at the Fulton Fish Market in the 1940s. “Fish is the only grub left that the scientists haven’t been able to get their hands on and improve. The flounder you ea today hasn’t got any more damned vitamins in it than the flounder your great-great-granddaddy ate, and it tastes the same. Everything else has been improved and improved and improved to such an extent that it ain’t fit to eat.” I wrote briefly about Greenberg’s blog post for the New York Times in this post last month.

I’m entering into my winter phase when I start reading 4-5 books at the same time and finish three of them. I was talking to John Majer about John Skinner’s new bucktail book (“Fishing the Bucktail”) that I want to get. I think John M. already has it; maybe he can offer a review. I already have Doc Mueller’s book on bucktailing, but you can never read too much about the greatest lure ever invented. Speaking of which, Skinner has some really cool fishing videos up on YouTube, a couple of which I’m posting below. What else are you guys doing and reading this winter? I’m starting to put together some dates for our next fishing boat trip… I’m thinking middle of May might be a good time to head back to Sheepshead Bay and the Marilyn Jane V. We’ll see…


One thought on “some reading material for y’all

  1. icechestcoolers says:

    I’ve also read Greenberg’s book. Clearly, Greenberg’s humane passion is on the side of wild fish; in the case of the bluefin tuna he calls for the kind of ban that has been applied to whales. Let the world’s need for fish be met by the likes of tilapia and similar unglamorous species. If drastic limits on wild fish mean premium prices and luxury status, all the better.

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