cool stop-motion video on sustainable fishing (by a sushi restaurant)

This is a pretty cool video forwarded to me by BKUAA MC Dave Cole (does anyone have a video of him singing that song at the derby close? the one about him being the greatest fisherman ever?). The video was created and filmed by Vincent Peone, partially to detail harmful commercial fishing techniques and suggesting sustainable alternatives via stop-motion camerawork, before the kicker toward the end is revealed that the video was produced for a sushi restaurant in Portland, Oregon called Bamboo Sushi. Now, this isn’t necessarily some crass company’s way to buy themselves into the Green Revolution. Bamboo Sushi was voted the most sustainable seafood restaurant in America by the online journal Fish2Fork; coincidentally, or perhaps not at all surprising, the worst offenders rated by Fish2Fork were also sushi restaurants, notably Bar Masa here in NYC and Sushi Roku in Vegas. Bamboo Sushi is also partnered with, or certified by, the Marine Stewardship Council, the Green Restaurant Association, The Monterey Aquarium, The Blue Ocean Institute, Kidsafe Seafood, and other organizations.

While I think the above video is amazing in its own visual way, I do think the suggested solutions are highly oversimplified and geared toward engaging visceral reactions rather than realistically approaching the problems of overfishing, bycatch, and the increasing commodification of fish. Then again, they only had four minutes or so of video to work with, so perhaps it wasn’t budgeted to get too in-depth into real (and realistic) solutions and alternatives. By the way, a couple weeks ago I finished reading Four Fish by Paul Greenberg and I highly recommend it if you’re a person who loves fishing and loves to eat fish. The book isn’t going to change the world, but it’s worth your time to learn what positive alternatives are being attempted in terms of reviving fisheries, fish farming, the loss and recovery of ocean ecosystems, and also the downsides to all of these things.



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