i can feel it in the air

I don’t know how The Surfcaster got my new address but when I got home from work today this was in the mail. I haven’t ordered anything from them in over a year and that was probably rod-building parts I needed, but my dad has a couple of their plug bags and they’re pretty good quality. Not like the high-end plug bags, but then again, you’re not paying $300 for one either. But it’s definitely better than the POS Aquaskinz bag I’m still using (full disclosure: this is one of the basic AS bags, the low-end ones that cost about $100, which isn’t really all that cheap). I was checking out my dad’s plug bag last time we went fishing back at the Indian River Inlet in Delaware back around Thanksgiving and it’s pretty decent. We didn’t catch any fish that day though, but there were some schoolies to be had and I saw some guys carrying some nice looking blackfish as we were on our way out to the end of the jetty.

Anyhow this catalog is full of eye candy to get your blood going for warmer weather; luckily for me I’m feeling pretty broke at the moment so I won’t be adding anything to the plug collection right now. But with the way this winter has been, we might be seeing fish moving in sooner than usual. March may still be full of snowy surprises however, as the temperature is hopping around like a jumping bean. 68 degrees this Thursday or so they say and right now I feel like I need to grab another blanket from out of the closet. I’m itching to get out there and get a line in the water, eager to try to flip my 2011 luck around. I suppose I should finally get around to fixing the straps on my Korkers and replacing some of the studs (i.e. stop procrastinating and stepping over them every time I walk through the door).

We here at BKUAA HQ are planning to do another party boat trip in May, I’m thinking the second weekend. There’s also a Jamaica Bay cleanup some guys over at Stripersonline are planning that we can join up with—if you fished JB last spring like Dave Cole and I did, then you probably know what a shit show it becomes with all the garbage. Not a bad way to get some karma with the fish gods, eh? This is going to happen April 29. Contact us on the Facebook page or in the comments if you’re down to earn some.

What are you doing to prepare for the season? What are your fishing goals this year? I simply want to fish more this season. Between work, training, writing, drinking, and other grown-up crap I just have to make the time. Breezy ain’t that far away. I’d like to get more time with fishing friends. I also hope to make it back out to Montauk again a couple times this summer, maybe Jason at The Fin will let me tag along one more time, but I have to start learning spots myself too. Hopefully I can spend some more time out there scouting around during the day instead of only squinting during the new moon or falling into the ocean.



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