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24HR DERBY—This Wednesday

Preacher has proposed a 24 HR Brooklyn fishing derby, starting 12AM this Wednesday. All Brooklyn + Rockaways. All fish. Prizes for biggest in the bait, fly, and plug categories. We’ll see how this goes and try to make it a monthly thing. Send all submissions to via text or email. That’s THIS WEDNESDAY (March 28). I’ll be out there on the night shift. Thanks to Ted for coming up with this great idea.



One response

  1. —lxm

    Great idea…Monthly Derbys! Is this an open Derby or only for BKUAA followers/members? Which reminds me, been meaning to ask this for a while: Am I a BKUAA member? I am subscribed to the BKUAA blog, are a member of the facebook group, and follow on Twitter. Just looking to meet some local fishing fanatics and get out there! Thanks. —lxm.

    March 28, 2012 at 4:04 pm

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