Jamaica Bay Cleanup This Sunday

Ahoy. I’ve been MIA for a little bit busy with real life boringness, but here I am back in full effect. I caught my first striper of 2012 in the Rockaways this past weekend on a gold and orange Yo-Zuri Mag Darter. The wind was relentless but we still fished on for a few hours before hitting the bar. I lost one fish earlier on a black and purple Bomber. The fish were small but it’s a start.

This Sunday we’re going to join with some guys from the Stripers Online site and help do some cleanup around Jamaica Bay. I was down there a couple weeks ago and it looked like one area already had some work done on it, but with the water and weather warming up, it’s only going to get messier and that’s a shame. We’re going to be meeting at 9AM by the North Channel Bridge (see map above). You should plan to bring your own gloves, but also remember to bring some water or beers. Bags will be provided (supposedly) but I may bring some myself. If you can make it, put some time in and you’ll be rewarded, karma-cally.

Also, May 12 we’re still planning on doing the fishing trip out of Sheepshead Bay aboard the Marilyn Jane V. Don’t sleep on that.



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